Meet Faye Murray

We recently asked Faye Murray, who has been an Australian business coach and motivational speaker for the past 18 years to share some of her top business tips for the hair and beauty industry. Faye was previously a general manager for a large hairdressing company, with 38 salons and more than 300 team members. Her […]

Meet Sarah Harrington

I first met Sarah around 5 years ago and found her passion for working with long hair to be extremely infectious. Since that initial meeting, I have watched with admiration as she has continued to grow as both an artist and a business woman. I caught up with Sarah recently to chat about her journey […]

Eclectic Styles Hair Studio

by Joe Cignetti One of the things I love most about this industry is the creativity and individuality each of our clients bring to their work. A little while ago I came across Liz, and I was blown away by the amazing work her and her team do at Eclectic Styles Hair Studio. I asked […]

The Rumour’s Are True

introduction By Joe Cignetti Late one night I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across Loz from The Rumours are True. Loz was talking about a great experience her receptionist had with us and it made me feel really proud of my team. I immediately started following The Rumours are True and I was […]

Social Media Manager @ Glide HT

Get to know Laurice our Social Media ManagerHi everyone! I’m Laurice and I run Glide’s social media. I am currently completing mydegree in digital and social media and I am passionate about helping brands usetheir social media to grow their business and reach new clients.I have been working for Glide since September last year and […]

Why We Do What We Do

We often get asked why we decided to start Glide Hair Tools and how we manage to work together as a husband and wife team. With both of us beginning our apprenticeships as hairdressers in our late teens this is an industry that we know and love. We started Glide 15 years ago now because […]

Create Play Inspire Range 2020 by Glide HT

Unleash Your Creativity With Our Create, Play, Inspire Foiling Range In March this year we launched our Create, Play, Inspire range. We created these foils with busy salons and single operators in mind, with every aspect of the foils and their boxes being carefully thought out to create the ultimate product that is an essential […]

Why should you brand your business with us….

One of the things we are really passionate about at Glide is helping salons to brand their business. We believe branding your salon is so important as competition is fiercer than ever, therefore by establishing your brand you will be able to stand out from the crowd. Branding allows you to create a memorable and […]


For the last 4 years Glide HT has run its annual Up-style competition. We at Glide feel this year more than ever that you the hairdresser need this challenge to do what you do best in these difficult times we face. Even if you are at home or just want to play on a mannequin […]