Near the top is a small strip of sticky that allows the colourist to get the foils close to the scalp. It also allows you to make extended longer foils by joining them together.To take them out slightly dampen the hair at the basin and remove. 

Glide Meche is washable, reusable and easy to us. The transparency allows you to view the development and creativity of your colour work.Give them a try and you will be very impressed.

We developed this product nearly 8 years ago and now it comes with a lip for better placement. The best way to described pop up is it’s like using a box of issues. Each sheet just pops out the box with a lip for a single operator or if you are busy and need foil in a hurry.

The range is almost complete and we are really proud of our brushes. Quality, Durability and Stylish are just a few words that come to mind. We work very closely with our manufacturer and every step of the way we approved each process.

Our extensive range of balayage tools will assist you in being ahead of the rest in creativity. Our sponge set is for melting and pushing colour through. Slimline duo set is for precise detailed colouring like pixelating techniques. Try our fat artist brush for checkerboard or intricate detailed colouring.

It’s new, innovative and we were the first! Our current stretch necks have new improved features of a stronger more durable neck. It is comfortable and keeps all water and hair out. Be different and project your business into the future.

All our scissors are crafted from 44OC steel.