POWERTOOLS is an authentic and original innovative line of additives for professional hair colour and chemical services, aimed to solve any problems you face in the salon. Colour and chemical servicing becomes easier, cleaner and faster. You will achieve better, long-lasting results and your clients will receive a more comfortable experience.They will love you for it! 

Yes, all the products are intermixable except CBC and GOD as both do opposite things.

We can email you a range sheet for each individual item for this

GOD (Grey Oxidizing Drops)

-GOD drops are added to the colour for entire head application. Grey hair.

TRA is a spray for targeted areas like the hairline, roots or areas that don’t grab color. It is also not just for grey, this can be used for any color or chemical formula.

GOD & TRA are made of all three primary colors, Red, Blue and Yellow, which gives you neutral. What is needed to cover grey?

Example.) 5N – 5 Base color N – Neutral 

5NN – 5 base NN Neutral Neutral – Makes this grey series. 

GOD basically adds the the extra N to make any color have the Neutral. 

Add normal amount of shampoo and then add 3-5 drops of GOD. Mix together with your hands and shampoo in and leave for 3 -5 mins. You will see the tones being deposited back in, then rinse and condition as normal.


Yes, it will also help alleviate the burn on the skin. Apply before colouring, however, this can also be applied directly to the scalp after the colouring if a client has burning or itching. Very important fact that salons seem to miss. GREAT TIP 

The oils in the formula have been shown to mend split ends when used in the colour formula. 

It’s applied directly to the hairline before placing the cotton around the client. It prevents the perm solution from irritating the scalp/hairline. 


Yes, PCS is considered “insurance for hair color” always recommended to apply straight after a chemical service.

Chemical changes can occur in hair proteins, lipids and hair pigments.  Lipid oxidation, disulfide bond cleavage, tryptophan degradation and cysteic acid formation led to an increase in fiber porosity, loss of mechanical strength and an increase in surface roughness. 

Again, removes the residual peroxide which can cause the perm to relax if kept in the hair. Essentially this will allow the perm to last longer. 


This removes OXIDATIVE COLOR ONLY!  Colours that use a developer or peroxide. 

This will not remove direct dyes that do not use a peroxide or developer. 

The technology of this product shrinks the dye molecule and rinses out the colour.


It does not contain any blockers so it will not affect the colour penetrating the hair or cuticle. Follow Directions.
Make sure to shake the bottle and use a wet towel to remove as it is water activated. 

A combination of soaps and oils. So be sure to shake before using as they settle.


Softens the cuticle of the hair to allow the colour to penetrate better. 

They can be used together, separate and in different situations. 

GOD is used IN the formula for full head application.  

TRA is normally used in targeted stubborn areas such as the hairline, root or areas that just don’t grab colour well. This is not just for grey. Any colour, relaxer… 


No, not if added to the lightener. This is not meant to be added directly to hair. 

Its meant to eliminate red/ brassy tones in darker based colours. And eliminate gold and brassiness when used in lightener/bleach. Think of a blue based bleach and what that does. It eliminates unwanted gold/brass. This enhances blue lighteners and makes regular bleach blue based. 

A single process refers to any colour service that is done in one step. It can also be referred to as a base colour or a “root touch up”, but it is not restricted to colouring just on the “roots”. This is generally a permanent colour that is applied either just to the roots or all over from roots to ends. 

To refresh blondes, use 4-5 drops in the shampoo to tone down the gold or brassiness. No need to use in the conditioner, but it will not hurt. 

No, however always watch closely as this is mainly used in lightener to eliminate unwanted gold or brassiness.

Essentially the salon can use their current shampoo and “create” a customizable shampoo for the client by adding the CBC into the shampoo or making a bottle using a travel size bottle.  
Example.) 120 ml empty bottle – holds 105 mls of shampoo so add 15mls of CBC and shake well.


You certainly can – Its all natural oils will add all the benefits except for the faster processing time – unless you use a cap or low heat.

Yes all Powertools products are additives so it’s always on top of the mls formulas/instructions on all products. 

You would use in the Neutralizer to give better perm retention and again all the other benefits including excellent condition of the hair.

Same as color, Cap (Body Heat) – ½ the time. Cap w/ Low Heat – 1/3 of the time. Typically 17-20 drops in the lightner & peroxide. 

If asking about TCA. It does, as long as its not Oil based colour. You will only get extra conditioning benefits on oil based colours. All other products will work the same as per package instructions.

It allows the colour to process more evenly, penetrate better and last longer.

Eliminates residual peroxide which causes hair to fade.

When using a cap or low heat the cuticle opens to allow colour to penetrate deeper and give a longer lasting colour result, and because of the proprietary blend of oils, it gives extreme condition which allows you to safely use heat with hair colour. 

With all colour you still need to be attentive and checking processing.

The proprietary blend of oils, highest grade of Vitamin E, olive oil, Jojoba oils mixed with the conditioner gives an amazing intense treatment.
You can even use a cap for even better results. 20 drops to 60ml-120ml of conditioner typically but this will also depend on the length of hair.