SAME GREAT CAPE! by Joe Cignetti

April 15 2024

by Danica

Glide Stain Proof Black Cape now in recyclable packaging! We listened to our clients, and we know its ethically important to look after our planet.


April 9 2024

by Danica

IDEAS on fixing grey coverage problems. I was listening to a podcast the other day by Dennis Gebhart called “Guru in your ear” (episode 7)

The Correlation Between Self-Education and Success by Joe Cignetti

March 8 2024

by Danica

I love scrolling through looking for simple ideas or stories that ignites a spark. It’s a quick read and it did that for me. Enjoy!

What makes a Happy Client? by Joe Cignetti

February 27 2024

by Danica

Providing outstanding customer service is vital for any business to thrive. I believe consistency is the key. However, at times we may have things going

This week is Business week ideas! by Joe Cignetti

February 13 2024

by Danica

Giving Back to the community or charge a nominal fee for Hair Class/Workshops in your salon once a month. Class ideas -easy basic braiding classes

2024 at Glide Hair Tools by Joe Cignetti

February 5 2024

by Danica

  Each year Remo and I sit down in November and plan the first 6 months of the following year, then in January we complete

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