Meet Faye Murray

We recently asked Faye Murray, who has been an Australian business coach and motivational speaker for the past 18 years to share some of her top business tips for the hair and beauty industry. Faye was previously a general manager for a large hairdressing company, with 38 salons and more than 300 team members. Her knowledge and understanding of both hair and beauty is recognised and respected by all. She was inducted into the Hair Expo Hairdressing Hall of Fame in 2011 and is the current inductee of the ABIA Beauty Hall of Fame. She is the first person in Australia to have the honour to be inducted into both. Keep reading to see Faye’s top three tips!

1. Share your special service

Do you have an experience video on your website? What exactly is this? It is a short video that shows the special and wonderful service that you offer. When a client is looking for a new salon, you need to stand out. Most hairdressing salon web sites offer similar information which is useful. A great way to ensure they choose you is to show how special and wonderful your salon is and visual will do this better than words.

2. No one likes to get it wrong!

Fear of failure is something that we all live with each and every day. We hate to do something that may make us feel silly or uncomfortable, so we tend to take the safe road and resist what is new. That way we cannot fail. Step outside your comfort zone and try one new thing each week and watch the results. Make a list of all your ideas so you don’t lose them.

3. Inspect what you expect

How do you, as a good salon manager ask for accountability from your team members?  Take some time, to look what you have in place to make this happen. “Inspect what you expect” is a great saying and it is impossible to do this, unless there are clear guide lines in place with regular check points that are linked to goals, recognition, rewards and giving help to improve when needed.


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If you would like to learn more from Faye Murray from Your Coach she offers:

  • Personal coaching to salon owners
  • Zoom training for managers
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