Eclectic Styles Hair Studio

by Joe Cignetti

One of the things I love most about this industry is the creativity and individuality each of our clients bring to their work. A little while ago I came across Liz, and I was blown away by the amazing work her and her team do at Eclectic Styles Hair Studio. I asked Liz a few questions about her strengths in business and the advice she would give to other hairdressers out there.

I highly recommend that you make sure to check out their Instagram @eclecticstyleshair. You can read the full interview with Liz below.

Full Name: Elizabeth Stillisano 

Salon Name: Eclectic Styles Hair Studio

I am Elizabeth from Eclectic Styles Hair Studio in Perth. I fell in love with hairdressing at an early age, my Aunty owned a hair salon, I used to help her in the school holidays, and she started to teach me some styling, I absolutely fell in love with how creative I could be with hair and how amazing we could make people feel in a hair appointment.

I went on to do my apprenticeship straight away, now I absolutely love to cut & shape hair, I am known in my salon for my affinity for creating contrasts with colour you wouldn’t typically place together. 

I opened Eclectic Styles Hair Studio in 2012 at the age of 19, lots of people tell me that was extremely ambitious but I always knew what I wanted to do and that was to create a space where the team really enjoy coming to work and feel like a family, we work on wonderful clients with all different hair types and fashion styles, this is a judgement free zone and we really enjoy being able to help our clients get their dream hair & feel amazing! We are a humble team of 6 & currently renovating to expand our salon. 

If I had to give my younger self advice now it would be to spend less time aimlessly worrying about small things, if you love what you are doing, have a great idea and it feels right just go for it. No regrets! 

Our strength in business would be the culture we have created within our salon. Nothing is off limits when it comes to discussing things with the team, we manage the fun friendly conversations as well as the less comfortable ones well & with honesty. 

Our team are very compassionate & accepting of each other and all our diverse clientele that visits us, we have gender neutral pricing, and we do our best to accommodate all clients’ needs to create them an amazing fashion accessory they take everywhere with them, their hair; 

I believe being in business is a full-time learning curve & we are always finding new things to learn and develop however I feel like the biggest thing I would love to work on in my business is staying up to date with the latest methods and algorithms in social media to really maximize our salon marketing & just marketing in general. I am a big believer in you get what you put in. We have been so fortunate to grow our salon from local support & word of mouth. Happy people attract more people. 

I would encourage anyone thinking of opening a business to get in there & do it. My biggest advice is to make sure you research everything and don’t let anyone persuade you to do things a certain way stick true to your vision.