This week is Business week ideas! by Joe Cignetti

Giving Back to the community or charge a nominal fee for Hair Class/Workshops in your salon once a month.

Class ideas

-easy basic braiding classes for mums

-single dad workshops to show how to care and style their daughters hair.

-a shaving or grooming class for young teenagers

-5 min hair styles for dirty hair.

There are many more but lets start there


Now Promote

Use your social media and your teams to promote, give every client a flyer, advertise at your local primary school or daycare.

We are now looking at these guest as potential clients and their families & friends



On the night have all your tools and products on display with special packs that can be purchased.


Ideas for packs

-elastics, clips, bands brushes (lollies)

-shampoo and conditioner packs along with styling products

-brushes clips & combs to do the job

-dry shampoo, hot irons etc.



As a thank you for your guest attending the night give out a discount vouchers for their visit to your salon.

Social Media

Personally, I would get permission from your guests to take video content and use this for your social media.