Why Brand Your Salon? by Joe Cignetti

Most salons do a great job showcasing their colour and retail companies but tend to overlook themselves. As a result they find themselves the least represented in their own environment and this all relates back to a lack of branding.

Large companies spend a great deal of money on branding so they stand out in their market. Unfortunately small businesses tend to just get on with the job of running their business. Even though many may think branding is important, it may be way down the to-do list behind the vital day-to-day tasks that keep the revenue coming

It also has a few big question marks…how much will it cost? Where do I start? What does it actually mean?

If we were to change the name of branding to “REPUTATION” it may get your attention and make more sense. It is the soul of the business. People don’t buy what you do, however they do buy WHY you do it.

Branding is a promise to your clients. It lets them know what they can expect from your products and services. It differentiates you from others.

Branding allows you to share who you are and who you want to be in the future. It determines how people perceive you to be. Put simply, it is the impression you make and that impression should do two things;

  • Let people know what is special about your business
  • Let people know that you are always evolving

As a business you need to stand the test of time. Competition is more fierce than it has ever been. Working on your brand forces you to look at your ideal client. You need to know the habits and desires of your current clients and you need to create a tribe that is drawn to your values. This builds an emotional connection. If you don’t build an emotional connection…

  • You won’t be competitive
  • You won’t stand out
  • You will send out confusing messages as to who you are
  • You will portray a lack of consistency

Don’t forget there are 12 months in the year and not everything needs to be done immediately or all at the same time. Remember, this is about being an evolving business.

Once you get going, how do you get the word out there?


Every employee should be aware of what is going on. This creates motivation and excitement amongst everyone because they are included and part of the team. It also creates the same story, which is then passed onto your clients. This can be done by sharing and writing down your key messages.

Create a voice for your salon that reflects your brand

The voice that reflects your salon must be applied to all written, visual, verbal and online communications.

Branding extends to every aspect of your business; how you answer the phone with a smile, what you say, what staff wear. It even extends right down to the email signature. If your brand is friendly – be conversational. If your brand is high end – be more formal.

Develop a tag line for your salon – a concise statement that captures your brand and salon. For example, all Glide Hair Tools brochures and our website state that “Great Hair Starts With Great Tools”

You need to set up and create a brand standard for all of your marketing material

Same colour scheme Logo placement

The look and feel of it Website

Packaging Promotional material

All of these should be tagged with your logo

It is important to be true to your brand because clients won’t return if you don’t deliver on your brand promise.

And last but not least, CONSISTENCY is the key. Without consistency there will be no change or growth to your business.

If you would like your business to stand out above the rest, take some time to evaluate where you would like to be in the future and get the ball rolling. Remember it won’t happen overnight, but once you have a clear vision of where you would like to be in the future, you can start the evolution.