Mastering Gray Coverage with G.O.D. Gray Oxidizing Drops by Joe Cignetti

Welcome to the ultimate guide on achieving flawless grey coverage using G.O.D. Gray Oxidizing Drops. If you’ve struggled with resistant grey hair, this post is for you. Discover the secrets behind perfect grey coverage that professional stylists swear by!

Why Choose G.O.D. Gray Oxidizing Drops?

G.O.D. Gray Oxidizing Drops are your go-to solution for:

  • Complete grey coverage
  • Compatibility with The Colour Accelerator (TCA) and all POWERTOOLS products
  • Enhanced colour penetration
  • Added depth and shine to any manufacturer’s hair colour
  • No effect on processing time

G.O.D. drops work seamlessly with any colour brand to cover resistant grey hair. Whether you’re using permanent, demi, or semi-permanent colour, incorporating G.O.D. drops into your formula enhances and intensifies the result. Experience maximum colour absorption with shortened processing times by mixing G.O.D. with The Colour Accelerator (TCA).

Tips for Perfect Gray Coverage

  1. Application Technique: Apply colour on grey hair in thinner sections and ensure even saturation on both sides.
  2. Colour Level: For complete grey coverage, use a level 8 or darker.
  3. Colour Perception: Gray and white hair lack warmth, affecting the final colour appearance. Reds might look pink, and drabs may appear greenish or bluish.

Mixing Formula for Gray Coverage

  • 25% Gray or Less: Use 25% neutral base colour and 75% desired shade.
  • 50% Gray: Mix 50% neutral base colour and 50% desired shade.
  • 75% Gray or More: Combine 75% neutral base colour and 25% desired shade.

Remember, the correct formula is crucial before adding additives like POWERTOOLS Gray Oxidizing Drops (G.O.D.) for enhanced results.

How to Use G.O.D.

Adding G.O.D. to Your Colour Mix:

  • Levels 1 – 6 (Darkest Black 1 to Medium Brown 6):
    • For 60 ml of Colour + Developer, add 10 drops of G.O.D.
    • For 90 ml, add 15 drops.
    • For 120 ml, add 20 drops.
  • Levels 7 – 12 (Dark Blonde 7 to Lightest Blonde 12):
    • For 60 ml of Colour + Developer, add 5 drops of G.O.D.
    • For 90 ml, add 8 drops.
    • For 120 ml, add 10 drops.

Mix the colour, add drops, apply, and process as usual.

Expert Formulation Tips

When formulating, the final result may differ if the tint is two levels darker than the lightened melanin. Use a peroxide-based colour to balance the formula and achieve the perfect tone.

Unlock the full potential of your hair colour services with G.O.D. Gray Oxidizing Drops. Enhance your colour application, achieve unbeatable grey coverage, and ensure your clients leave your salon looking their absolute best.

Stay tuned for more expert tips and insider secrets to elevate your hairdressing game!


Embrace the power of G.O.D. and transform your approach to grey coverage today!