Advertising for staff by Joe Cignetti

We are constantly asked by salons if we know of any hairdressers looking for a new team to join as they have no luck when advertising for staff.

Recruiting staff and why people should want to join your team. has really changed over the years. These days you need to sell why people should want to join your team.

If you are advertising on social media, show your salon, get the team to say hi, tell them what you do differently. Show them why they want to be a part of your team.

Do you pay above award wages?

Do you train your team once a month or pay for courses?

Does your team socialise? If so, what do you do for fun?

Are you a green salon?

Do you close at Easter or offer flexible working hours?

Share all your points of difference.

I recently viewed a social media advertisement and loved their catch phrase.

“We don’t hire you by an A4 application. Call to make a time and we can show you through how we work as a team. Then we’ll have a coffee and chat to see if we both fit together”

Think outside the box and consider offering points of difference.

Change the hours (working Mums) 8am to 2.30pm

Look into job sharing and employ two team members to cover the week. One works Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The other works Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Consider doing three late nights a week to be more available for your clients.

I know of one salon that has a team of 10+ staff and now works 4 days a week Tuesday -Friday 9am to 9pm, and it works!

If you’re having trouble looking for new team members, why not try something different and consider mixing it up a little.

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