What can you do during Covid 19

Nothing I write is original. I stole most of this from small business advice given during a Corona podcast. If it helps, then we have won.

Why stay positive in a negative situation?

This is how you win the war against negativity, despair and stress. These are all very sneaky as they creep into our lives and most people succumb to them.

The power of your attitude is where you should start every day.

You need to make a positive attitude a habit and you should do this because it is




Helps you spot an opportunity

Helps you problem solve

Helps you spot innovation

All of this gives you a strategy. With a great attitude you are able to see opportunities and able to keep your wits about you. A good attitude makes you strong and is the greatest grounding tool you have. It is one of the few things you actually own.

Why not try a high five for each day?

(a) Find five things that you can touch or see that bring you joy

(b) Give out 4 compliments each day

(c) Think of 3 people you love or admire

(d) Have 2 favourite meals in a week

(e) Go for a five-minute walk and actually look around you

If someone was going to write your biography, what would they say you did during the Corona period? Did you survive or did you make a difference?

Think about all the things that you are good at and zero in on the ones you could be great at. What do you need to start? Get moving! Yes, accept the reality of what is happening, but you are still breathing, so keep moving!

Once we are at the midway of Corona we are starting to leave it behind, so here are some ideas to help you come out the other side.

1. Put things in perspective

Things have been far worse prior to this situation – WW1, WW2, 9/11.

Humanity made it through these times. You need to figure out how to blossom. This is  a great time for a salon or wholesaler to reinvent itself, to look at every section of your business and see if this is really how you would like it to be. Or could it be better? Look at your staff, look at what you offer, look at your client base… all can be possibilities for improvement.

2. Consider the opportunities when this is over

Yes this is having a profound effect on the World but we will rise out of this in the long-term. Think about the businesses that will be no longer. Think about how advertising will be a lot cheaper. Simply putting $5 aside each day could help you get in front of your clients. I am probably looking at more social media costs in reference to this.

3. A lot of people will need jobs

You can be part of helping society and your own business. People will be very hungry to take jobs and there are a lot of people out there who are very skilled. Wages may be less than normal. You need to become more advanced in what you do or consider the extras you can attach to your abilities with the long-term aim of being paid more. If you are heading in this direction you are growing. Get books and read as much as you can. Get on YouTube and get involved with training courses.

4 . Add more value to the marketplace

Share your experience and build trust. Doing this will establish you as an authority. Create something for free and get it out there. Explain from your own experience and help others that aren’t at your level.

5. Adjust to supply and demand

Most companies will reduce marketing budgets. They will reduce web efforts, social media. Some of you may want to reduce your prices and to do this you will need to remove your ego from the situation. Yes, you are extremely qualified to do what you do. Yes, you should be paid your value. But times move and change, and you may need to consider making adjustments to suit. If you want to compete, people will appreciate your decisions and also accept when it is time to move up in price.

6. Start low capital-intensive businesses

You may already be in business or want to get into business. Create a website. What holds you back? Probably the fact that you may never have done it before. Now is the time! Jump on YouTube and see what it takes. Look to see if the position you always really wanted for your salon is available. I think you will find prices may of changed. The plans you are working on today will benefit you in 1 or 2 years down the track.

7. Offer more, add value, give complimentary services.

There will be less salons. This might be a great opportunity to become more specialised. Look at your strengths, then consider the areas you are not so strong and work on those. Master Facebook and Instagram and know how to advertise and maximise your results. Research and ask others. Most people who know something about something, love telling you. Sometimes it’s you that slows it down.

8. Do More

This is very basic. Everything people are doing now is flooding their minds. It is all consuming. Increase your action, decrease your consumption. You need to act because this is what fixes everything. Do stuff! This will help you progress in creating a habit. Spend just one hour a day consuming what is going on with Corona, then go back to what you are doing.

9. Use fear as a motivation

Don’t accept defeat, use it to drive you. Take control. Fear can be crippling but it can also motivate you to act.

10. Do your part

Don’t hoard supplies (that you can spare) – it is selfish in nature and not beneficial to the world

11. Have daily routine

Routine is beneficial. Each day write down three things that you are grateful for in your routine of that day.

12. Focus on stuff that is going to produce real revenue – this is very important.