Why is innovation important to your business?

I believe the day we become complacent or content in our business, is the day we start to plateau or go backwards.

There are times where we are all looking for the next big thing or new trend, yet in our business there are products or services that we already have, that simply need a freshen up.

For an example, the shampoo basin.

Every client has their hair shampooed, so make it different, even memorable!! Sit down with your team and try different ways on each other, to make it bigger and better than just a shampoo.

I know of salons that do a dry brushing technique for 5 minutes before the shampoo. Wow! How relaxing would that be!

Conduct a survey in the salon about what clients like and want at the basin?.

Personally I love a good shampoo and then a long massage (I can feel the spots that aren’t massaged and it drives me crazy.) Once when I was in Bangkok, at the end of the massage they placed a hot towel on my head which was lovey and soothing.

What about eye shades to really relax?

An essential oil burner that has a lavender oil vapor?

Teaching your team when to talk and when not to?

The alternative is to stay the same and be like everyone else in today’s market place. Nobody can afford to do that…..and besides, it’s boring!