Why another One?

Why another Detangler Brush?

At Glide we do a lot of research within the industry especially working hand in hand with Hairdressers who work daily in the Salon. They can be brutal and give us direct feedback and a ture indication of a products





Honesty can hurt especially after working on a product for a long time , however it is invaluable.

What we can think is a great idea our research at times can tells us differently! We then will either make changes or even cancel a product based on the feedback received.

So how did this Glide De-Knot Duo come to fruition? About 20 months ago we talked to our manufacturer about what we wanted.

-a brush & comb set for the shower

-it had to be self-hanging

-remove knots without placing pressure on wet hair

-be durable & aesthetically pleasing to the eye

-packaged for easy hang sell in the salon

-finally a product that hairdressers would back and feel comfortable to recommend to their clients and be affordable.


Welcome the De-Knot Duo

Available in PINK, BLACK & PURPLE

Features include….

-rubberised for durability and grip

-hooks on the end of both Brush & Comb for easy hang storage

-soft flexible pins on the brush that gently remove all knots’

-must have for de-knotting your hair in the shower


This Ultimate Duo comes to you for $8.10 and check out the Xmas deals as we have made it even more enticing for you to retail this product. Click here to view