PLEASE WATCH Unfortunately it seems everyone has had a family member or friend touched by breast cancer. Cancer Australia estimates that there will be 19,535 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed in 2019; 19,371 women and 164 men. They also suggest it will be the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia in 2019.

Glide Hair Tools felt it was time for the hairdressing industry to get behind breast cancer research and came up with their first product to begin the process by developing the pink De-Knot shower brush for their #checkyourbreasts campaign. The campaign will run throughout September and October in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.

There was quite a process involved in getting the #checkyourbreasts campaign up and running and none of this would have been possible without the guidance of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) who were keen to jump on board and support the idea. Glide Hair Tools also sought help to clarify the legalities and fine tune the financials involved in supporting the NBCF and received invaluable support from lawyer, Tony Johnston and accountant, Frank Filippello who generously donated their time and were instrumental in the initial idea coming to fruition.

Simultaneously, Glide Hair Tools were spending substantial time working on the design and marketing of the brush itself. Consideration has been taken in all aspects of designing this brush and its packaging to ensure its suitability for the retail salon. From the casual and cheeky “Check Your Breasts” font and artwork, right down to the sleek packaging with its subtle text including breast cancer statistics, this brush has practical appeal. As a retail display, the box has been kept as compact as possible so as not to overwhelm your counter but appealing enough to draw the interest of your clients.

Glide Hair Tools have been blown away by the initial support received by industry wholesalers both here in Australia and those in New Zealand, with pre-sale orders exceeding expectations. Proceeds of $2.50 from the sale of each brush will be going directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia and National Breast Cancer Foundation of New Zealand, for those sales supported by New Zealand wholesalers.

Glide Hair Tools would love to see as many salons involved as possible, so why not get on board and support this worthy cause. Contact your nearest wholesaler now to buy 12 and get 2 FREE!

#checkyourbreasts and tag us in a photo with you and your brush

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