6 Mistakes to avoid when building a website by Joe Cignetti

1.Lack of Clear Purpose: One of the most common mistakes small businesses make on their websites is failing to communicate a clear When visitors land on your site, they should immediately understand what your business is about and how it can benefit them. A clear purpose helps in establishing credibility and engages visitors from the […]

Here are 17 key points to think about when opening a salon by Joe Cignetti

Setting up a hairdressing salon requires careful planning and investment in the right equipment. By choosing high-quality, functional equipment and creating a welcoming atmosphere, you can create a successful salon that attracts and retains clients.   1.Hairdressing Chairs: Hairdressing chairs are the centre piece of any salon. They should not only be comfortable for clients […]

PODCAST: “How to Create Raving Fans” by Josh Nichols” by Joe Cignetti

What is the WHY that will make you move heaven and earth, to get you to where you need to go? We need to embrace the core culture of a business, living and breathing its ethos every day. There are two key factors which often stand out for employees: achieving a harmonious work-life balance and attaining financial […]

SAME GREAT CAPE! by Joe Cignetti

Glide Stain Proof Black Cape now in recyclable packaging! We listened to our clients, and we know its ethically important to look after our planet. Here at Glide, we are looking at all our products to see what we can do to reduce land fill.   So far, our achievements have been. Our entire Glide […]


IDEAS on fixing grey coverage problems. I was listening to a podcast the other day by Dennis Gebhart called “Guru in your ear” (episode 7) “Dennis Gebhart is one of the most sought-after hair color, business development and sales trainers in the professional salon industry. He has dedicated over three decades of his industry career […]

The Correlation Between Self-Education and Success by Joe Cignetti

I love scrolling through looking for simple ideas or stories that ignites a spark. It’s a quick read and it did that for me. Enjoy! Read more at: https://www.skillsyouneed.com/rhubarb/self-education-success.html   You may be well aware of the success stories of billionaires who dropped out of school. Ellen Degeneres, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg… the list goes […]

What makes a Happy Client? by Joe Cignetti

Providing outstanding customer service is vital for any business to thrive. I believe consistency is the key. However, at times we may have things going on in our personal or work life that affects us providing the level of customer service to which we aspire. Personally, I love watching, listening, and taking note, as to […]

This week is Business week ideas! by Joe Cignetti

Giving Back to the community or charge a nominal fee for Hair Class/Workshops in your salon once a month. Class ideas -easy basic braiding classes for mums -single dad workshops to show how to care and style their daughters hair. -a shaving or grooming class for young teenagers -5 min hair styles for dirty hair. […]

2024 at Glide Hair Tools by Joe Cignetti

  Each year Remo and I sit down in November and plan the first 6 months of the following year, then in January we complete the final 6 months. So, after some thoughtful and thorough planning, this year is going to see some very innovative new products which have been in our pipeline for well […]