About Us

Glide Hair Tools is an Australian owned and operated company by myself Remo and partner Joe Cignetti.

I have been passionately involved in this ever changing industry for over 25 years starting out as a hairdresser and moving into the corporate world. I have held senior sales positions and management roles with some of the leading hairdressing companies, always enjoying every aspect of our industry.

Joe also has been involved within the industry as a hairdresser and then in management. At one stage she was assistant manager for 21 salons in Adelaide and was instrumental in actually opening and operating these salons.

In 2006 Joe and I started Glide Hair Tools and our goal was to provide unique quality hairdressing tools to the hairdresser and salon owners at reasonable prices and I believe we are on our way to this goal.

We are a boutique import company with good direction and our aim is to build on that with a committed relationship to our clients.


Remo and Joe